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    We are here to offer you a complete computer solution. What do I mean by that? Freedom Computers can help you no matter where in the life cycle your computer is. If you need a new quality computer, we can build you a high quality computer at a great price. If you run into trouble we can repair your computer. When you need an upgrade we can help you decide what upgrades will help the most. And when your computer finally gets to the point where it costs more to fix than to buy a new one, we can safely dispose of any old computer equipment. For more information see our services page.

Computer running really slowly?
Spyware is one of the most common reasons for a slow computer, but there are other things that can cause it. We can identify the problem and get it fixed, whether it is removing spyware, upgrading the computer, or just optimizing Windows.

Have a problem no one can figure out?
All too often, the real problem is simply the person doesn't know what they are doing. We have fixed many issues that others said weren't fixable or didn't know how to fix, and if we run into a problem that we've never seen before, we welcome the challenge to find out how to fix, so bring it down to Freedom Computers.

Virus Issues?
Software that is installed improperly or is conflicting can cause many of the same problems as a hidden virus. We can find and get rid of viruses as well as software bugs.

Computer crashing or giving errors?
Does your computer crash or freeze when you open a certain program? Does it have an annoying error message every time you start it up? Does it display the BSOD (Blue Screen Of Death)? We can help. We can diagnose and repair all sorts of hardware issues and software issues.

Computer won't turn on?
You hoped it would never happen, but it did... just when you needed to use the computer, or use something on the computer, you tried to turn it on and it wouldn't. Freedom Computers can get your computer back up and running, or, if it is not worth fixing, Freedom Computers can recover your data from the hard drive and move it to another computer.

Need an upgrade?
We can install all kinds of upgrades. For those who like to multi-task, try a dual-core processor or some extra RAM. For the digital pack rat of the family, how about a larger hard drive? If you hate waiting for things to open you might want to get a faster hard drive or setup a RAID. And last, but definitely not least, if you like to play games, you can always use a supercharged Graphics card.